If you have painful corns or calluses, debilitating plantar fasciitis pain, bunions & flat feet, among other issues, you may benefit from orthotics. As leading podiatrists with extensive experience in treating foot conditions, Dr Aldo Gonzalez and Dr Xavier Sanchez, can customize orthotics in the office at Ankle and Foot Center of Florida in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Learn more by booking a custom orthotics evaluation online or over the phone today.

Orthotics Q & A

What can custom orthotics treat?
Custom orthotics are designed to realign &/or support the foot & ankle. They also provide support for the lower extremities & lower back.

Dr. Gonzalez or Dr. Sanchez may also recommend custom orthotics if you have a foot or ankle injury or chronic condition, such as:
■ Arthritis
■ Flatfeet or overpronation
■ Heel spurs
■ Shin splints
■ Plantar fasciitis
■ Achilles tendonitis
■ Corns or calluses
■ Post-fracture management

Which type of custom orthotics do I need?
Ankle and Foot Center of Florida proudly offers personalized custom orthotics for a variety of conditions and ailments. Some of the most commonly prescribed orthotics are described below.

Functional orthotics
Functional orthotics are ideal if you have foot or ankle injuries, including shin splints or tendonitis. They’re made of a semi-rigid material, often graphite or plastic, and help control abnormal motions to help you heal and to relieve pressure on joints, tendons, & ligaments.

Accommodative orthotics
You may need accommodative orthotics to give you a little extra cushioning and padding in your daily footwear. These softer orthotics are beneficial for diabetics, those who suffer from tissue atrophy, &/or anyone who regularly develops foot calluses.

How are custom orthotics made?
When you come to Ankle and Foot Center of Florida for custom orthotics, your doctor performs a biomechanical exam & reviews your medical history. They also listen to your symptoms & your preferences to make a personalized fit.

Molds are made from a foam impression of your feet with corrections in position. The foot molds are then sent to an orthotic lab for fabrication along with a detailed prescription including modifications to support your foot alignment.

A few weeks are required for the lab to customize your orthotics. Once they arrive in the office, the office will contact you to set up an orthotic dispensing appointment. Please bring the shoes intended for the orthotics. Our staff will review how to break in your new orthotics.

Get fitted for your custom orthotics by booking an exam at Ankle and Foot Center of Florida today. Click on the online scheduler or call to speak with a team member.

How do you break-in custom orthotics?
● Custom orthotics, depending on the type & modifications, are meant to support or correct an underlying problem, & may require a break in period. Custom orthotics should be placed into your shoes for 1-2 hours the first day. Each consecutive day they should be kept in an additional hour until you get to 10 hours per day. Limit activity to mild to moderate intensity when you are first breaking in your orthotics.
● It can potentially take 6-8 weeks to fully break-in custom orthotics and to allow your feet to adjust to them.

Can custom orthotics fit in any shoe?
● Custom orthotics are best suited for athletic shoes and most work shoes. If you intend to use orthotics in alternative shoe gear, please discuss with Dr Gonzalez & Dr Sanchez at the time of your appointment.
● Examples of alternative shoes include heels, clogs, flats, cleats, sandals, & laceless shoes.

Orthotics for alternative shoe gear may sacrifice support in order to provide the best fit.

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