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Do you regularly experience pain in the ball of your foot? Does it always feel like you have a pebble in your shoe? If so, a benign growth known as neuroma may be to blame. Dr Gonzalez, and Dr Sanchez can help. They regularly diagnose and treat patients with neuromas at Ankle and Foot Center of Florida. Make your appointment today by calling or clicking our book online tool.

Neuroma Q & A

What is a neuroma?
A neuroma is a benign growth of the nerve sheath that occurs along the ball of the foot. The most common neuroma is Morton’s neuroma, which affects the ball of the foot between the 3rd & 4th toe..

If you have a neuroma, you may experience pain &/or sensory changes between your toes or in the ball of your foot with activity.

What are the symptoms of a neuroma?
Neuromas don’t present any outward signs like bumps or bruises. The most common symptom of a neuroma is sharp, shooting pain in the ball of your foot. Other telltale signs include:
■ Tingling
■ Burning
■ Numbness
■ Swelling between your toes
■ The feeling of walking on a pebble.

What causes neuromas?
Neuromas are the result of irritation or damage to the surrounding nerve sheath, which can be associated with:
■ Unsupportive shoe gear
■ Overpronation
■ Having high arches
■ High impact sports
■ Repetitive activity

How do you diagnose neuromas?
Your provider diagnoses neuromas by performing a thorough exam of your foot, reviewing your medical history, and examining X-rays to have a better understanding of the structure of your feet.

How do you treat neuromas?
Treatment for a neuroma depends on the nature and severity of your symptoms. Conservative management is recommended as a first line measure, which includes activity & shoe gear adjustment. Orthotics, anti-inflammatories, & injection therapy are also beneficial treatments for neuroma.

Surgical intervention may be necessary if your symptoms persist & fail to resolve with conservative measures.. During neuroma surgery, pressure on the affected nerve is relieved with a nerve decompression, or the damaged digital nerve can be removed with a neuroma excision.

Neuroma treatment works best when treatment is initiated early. Call or use the online booking tool to make your appointment at Ankle and Foot Center of Florida today.

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