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There are 30 bones in each foot and ankle. Sports injuries, falls, car accidents, blunt trauma & overuse injuries, can result in a fracture. Dr Aldo Gonzalez and Xavier Sanchez provide comprehensive fracture care at Ankle and Foot Center of Florida. If you’re suffering from a fracture, schedule an evaluation online today. You can also call the clinic directly to book an appointment.

Fracture Q & A

What are the symptoms of a fracture?
When you sustain a fracture, chances are you’re going to feel pain. But the discomfort you experience varies depending on the severity of the fracture, the location of the broken bone, and your pain tolerance. Some additional fracture symptoms you may experience include:
■ Bruising or redness
■ Swelling or tenderness
■ Limited range of motion
■ Bony bump or visible deformity
■ Loss of function, unable to bear weight

Discomfort can become so severe that you have difficulty bearing weight on your injured ankle or foot. These symptoms can even progress and worsen over a period of several days.

How do you diagnose a fracture?
A fracture is diagnosed by radiographic imaging and clinical exam. It’s crucial to schedule an evaluation at Ankle and Foot Center of Florida to begin treatment immediately to achieve the best outcome.

What are fragility fractures?
Fragility fractures are fractures that occur from a low energy injury in people with underlying osteopenia or osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a metabolic disorder that leads to brittle bone, which may predispose a person to fracture.

Fracture treatment may require a longer period of immobilization &/or gradual return to normal activity. Addressing osteoporosis with a primary care physician or rheumatologist could prevent further issues. Also, supplementing with medical food can assist with bone healing, as well as, normalize optimal body metabolism.

Do I need surgery for a foot fracture?
Possibly. Whether you broke a toe or ankle bone, chances are that you have several weeks of immobilization ahead of you. This can involve a cast, walking boot, or splint.

If you have an unstable fracture, displaced fracture or an intra-articular fracture, of the ankle or foot, your doctor may recommend surgery. Ankle or foot fracture surgery may be necessary for:
■ Realigning joints or repairing connective tissues
■ Fracture reduction and stabilization

Ankle and Foot Center of Florida offers extensive ankle and foot fracture care throughout your recovery period. Get started on your fracture treatment by booking an exam at Ankle and Foot Center of Florida today.

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