Diabetic Foot Care  Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Diabetes, peripheral arterial disease, immunocompromised states & neurologic conditions are at increased risk for foot ulceration that can lead to infections & amputations. More than half of non-traumatic foot amputations in the United States are linked to diabetes. Aldo Gonzalez, D.P.M. and Xavier Sanchez, D.P.M. provide comprehensive at risk foot care at Ankle and Foot Center of Florida in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Schedule your diabetic foot care exam at their clinic online or call the office directly.

Diabetic Foot Care Q & A

Why do I need at risk foot care?
At risk foot care provides preventative care &/or early intervention to avoid ulceration & amputation.
○ To monitor neuropathy (nerve damage) & prevent progression.
○ Assess for skin breakdown, calluses, &/or wounds.
○ Assess for changes in circulation.
○ Review diet, education, & exercise routines.
○ Collaborate with primary care & other specialists

When should I have at risk foot care?
Frequency of exam is dependent on the severity of underlying circulatory issues or neuropathic issues . However, you may need to have more frequent visits if:
■ foot wound or infection is present
■ Worsening calluses & nail conditions
■ Neuropathy
■ Circulatory disorders
■ History of previous ulceration &/or amputation
■ Foot deformity (Bunion, Hammertoe, Charcot)

What happens during an at risk foot care evaluation?
Dr. Gonzalez and Dr. Sanchez perform thorough evaluation. As part of your foot exam, they may also perform:
■ Neuropathy assessment
■ Circulatory assessment
■ Debridement of nails & calluses
■ Assess for supportive shoes & inserts

If your provider notices any wounds or signs of infection, they can treat them immediately. Dr Gonzalez & Dr Sanchez are skilled in outpatient and inpatient wound management & limb salvage.

Ankle and Foot Center of Florida provides comprehensive at risk foot care services. You can conveniently book your diabetic foot exam through the website or over the phone.

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