Arthroscopy is the least invasive modality to address joint pathology. Dr Aldo Gonzalez and Dr Xavier Sanchez perform arthroscopic procedures for ailments that affect the foot and ankle. Find out more by booking an evaluation at their clinic in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida today online or by calling the office.

Arthroscopy Q & A

Why do I need an arthroscopy?
An arthroscopy can be used for a variety of procedures. Your foot and ankle surgeon could recommend an arthroscopy to address:
■ Arthritic damage
■ Ankle or foot fractures
■ Loose cartilage or bone fragments
■ Inflammation of the protective lining in your ankle joint (synovitis)
■ Torn or ruptured tendons or ligaments, as with severe ankle sprains

What are the benefits of an arthroscopy?
An arthroscopy involves making just a few small incisions and inserting a small scope with a camera at the end (the arthroscope). Your doctor inserts thin surgical tools into surrounding incisions and makes repairs by viewing a monitor, which receives a live feed from the arthroscope.

This minimally invasive approach to surgery is beneficial because it results in:
■ Less postoperative pain & decreased need for pain medicine
■ Decreased tissue injury or trauma
■ Decreased inflammation
■ Reduced risk of bleeding
■ Faster recovery

How long is the recovery after an arthroscopy?
Our providers perform arthroscopic procedures on an outpatient basis, so you can go home shortly after your procedure. They bandage your surgical site and may place you in a splint or boot to keep your ankle joint stable.

Full recovery from an arthroscopy can take several weeks, & it is dependent on what is being addressed in the procedure. Ankle and Foot Center of Florida cares for you every step of the way to ensure your arthroscopy recovery is as fast and painless as possible.

You can book your evaluation at Ankle and Foot Center of Florida directly through the website or over the phone with a team member.

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