Ankle injuries can make every step you take feel so unbearable that you find it difficult to participate in job functions, exercise, or sporting activities. If you suffered an ankle injury or experience ankle pain for an unknown reason, Aldo Gonzalez, D.P.M. and Xavier Sanchez, D.P.M. at Ankle and Foot Center of Florida, located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, can help. Book your ankle evaluation at this state-of-the-art clinic by clicking on the online scheduling tool or calling the office directly to book a visit.

Ankle Injuries Q & A

What causes an ankle injury?
Your ankles not only support your entire body weight, but they also absorb shock with every jump or step. Because your ankles regularly have added strain on them, a number of things can lead to an ankle injury and pain. If you’re suffering from an ankle injury, it could be caused by:
■ Sprain (ligament injury)
■ Strain (tendon injury)
■ Fracture (ankle &/or foot)
■ Plantar fasciitis
■ Contusion (soft tissue or bone bruise)
■ Osteoarthritis (cartilage damage)
■ Gout (inflammatory arthritis)
■ Tarsal tunnel syndrome (nerve compression)
■ Autoimmune disease, such as rheumatoid arthritis

You can even suffer from an ankle injury if you have an old ankle sprain that never healed properly and has caused months or years of ankle instability.

When should I see a podiatrist for an ankle injury?
Because an ankle injury can progress with each passing day, you’re encouraged to come into the Ankle and Foot Center of Florida as soon as your pain begins or right after you have an ankle injury.

It’s particularly important to have an evaluation with a provider if you’re experiencing one or more of the following ankle injury symptoms:
■ Warmth to the touch
■ Bruising
■ Swelling or tenderness
■ Limited range of motion
■ Difficulty tolerating weight

How do you treat ankle injuries?
Your ankle injury treatment plan from Ankle and Foot Center of Florida is entirely personalized to your symptoms, your injury or condition, and your daily lifestyle. Your provider could recommend:
■ Prescription medications to address inflammation
■ Immobilization with a cast, splint, or walking boot
■ Rest, ice, compression, and elevation (known as RICE therapy)
■ Regenerative medicine, such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) or stem cell therapy

If conservative treatments are not addressing your symptoms, Aldo Gonzalez DPM & Xavier Sanchez DPM, may recommend advance imaging and ultimately surgical intervention.

If you’re experiencing ankle pain or suffering from an ankle injury, contact Ankle and Foot Center of Florida to schedule an evaluation online or over the phone.

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